Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Much needed time off...

Trevor just referred to me as his "Country Club Wife" because the bulk of my activities over the past two days have included:

  • Sleeping in.

  • Working out.

  • Having lunch with friends.

  • Shopping.

  • Going in for a mani/pedi.

  • Getting a facial.

  • Running all the errands I normally don't have time for while working (getting the wedding dress heir-loomed, registering for Thursday’s Turkey Trot, picking up the wedding photos from the videographer, etc.)

  • Walking the dogs before the sun sets and it gets too dark/cold.

  • Catching up on my Dateline mysteries (although, to be fair, I've only watched ONE).

Thank goodness for having enough comp time to turn a four day weekend into an entire week of vacation!

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