Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, the woes of a newly married woman...

After multiple nights nearly FREEZING to death in my own bedroom, the summer quilt that has adorned our bed for the past six months is back in the linen closet for the winter. A brand new, thick, snuggly comforter has taken its place.

Trevor, a.k.a. “The Human Oven”, tried to convince me that it was too early for such a dramatic bedclothes overhaul. I ended up making the switch this afternoon before he arrived home from work.

HAHA! Take that!

I am just excited about the prospect of (finally) sleeping without shivering.

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Anonymous said...

It happens and is one of the joys of being newly married. I go to bed warm and wake up hot. My wife goes to be cold and wakes up warm. You learn to say, "I really don't care how cold you are; if you need covers take them, if you need to strip down to nothing and sleep on top of everything to stay cool, be my guest." Really, personal comfort is personal.