Sunday, October 07, 2012

Nine Month Wellness Visit...

Doctor:  "Do you have any questions?"

Me:  "Every time we finish baby proofing, Banner shows us something new that we never thought of before.  Are there things that you've noticed over the years that first time parents never think of, miss or forget?"

Doctor:  "At this age, you are really just trying to keep them from hurting themselves."

Me:  "I know.  It just seems like everything is a death trap in disguise."

Doctor:  "Well, you have a boy.  Everything kind of is."

Well, the bad news is that the B-Man had to get a flu shot and a toe prick to test his iron levels on Thursday. But, on the flip side, I am not dreading these visits nearly as much as I used to. This isn’t to say that I enjoy taking my kiddo to the doctor. I am simply no longer getting all worked up over them and losing sleep.

Just to give you an idea of how much I have improved, I didn't even cry when Banner got his shot. In fact, I laughed. I know, I know: Mother of the Year. I feel horrible about it. It was just a good thirty seconds before Banner finally took a breath and started to wail after they stuck him with the needle. And, in the interim, he turned purple, and I thought he was going to pass out. I had no idea he could hold his breath that long. Trevor started to giggle because I was trying so hard to comfort the little guy and convince him to breathe, and, well suddenly the whole situation seemed comical.

I feel guilty about cracking up, but it was funny. Maybe you had to be there? Or maybe after the week we've had (job drama, health scares and even a trip to the ER when my dad suffered a severe allergic reaction to a medication), laughter was our only option.

Not wanting to teach Banner to soothe his pain with food, we gave him a bottle filled with water after his shot to comfort him. Honestly, I think he just wanted to be held - even if the ones holding him were his a$$hat parents that were trying to choke back hysterical laughter. Drinking the water, however, seemed to help (I think it is the sucking that Banner finds the most soothing), and it wasn’t long until the episode with the needle was long forgotten.

As for his stats, Banner is now 29 3/4 inches long (90%), 21 pounds, 15 ounces (75%) with a head circumference of 46 (70%). All this explains why all of his 12 month onesies are starting to get snug (most of his current wardrobe maxes out around 30 inches). Sigh...another closet clean out is in my imminent future, but what’s a mama to do? Our babysitter recommended not putting anything in the dryer, but that somehow seems like a lot more effort than buying larger clothes (which I’d have to purchase sooner than later anyway).

Banner’s latest growth spurt also justifies why his “infant bucket” is now in the attic, and his new convertible car seats are installed in our cars. We actually purchased the new car seats when we first returned from Colorado, because we knew Banner was getting close to the 30 inch maximum. There was a delay getting them installed in our cars, however because Trevor ordered his from Amazon to match the interior of The Lexus. Conversely, I drove to Buy Buy Baby and made my black on black purchase, which - fabulously enough - was available immediately without any backorders or shipping delays.

In other news, only one shot (flu booster) between now and Banner's first birthday in January. So strange that the little guy is nearing the one year mark. Someone told me the other day that I should start planning his birthday party. I’ve never been much of a planner, so we will see how that goes. Still, I have a few ideas. I just can’t wait for the requisite birthday-cake-all-over-baby-face photos.

As for Banner’s “unconventional crawling”, the doctor isn’t concerned about it at all since the little dude is now pulling up and cruising around the furniture. He is using all of his limbs equally (if not to crawl), so there is nothing wrong. Banner has just found what works for him and is sticking with it. He may figure out that “conventional crawling” is faster, or not. As long as he continues to develop and check milestones off of his list, it is all good.

These were all taken BEFORE the shots.
Obviously.  ;P

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love the update! and the pics! Cant believe he is getting so big!