Saturday, November 24, 2012

Boys and their toys...

This photo captures the moment my son
took a dump in the back of a toy dump truck.
No lie.

My brother and sister have been tirelessly cleaning out the ranch house, and it looks absolutely marvelous.  In the process, they discovered William's cars, trucks and tractors from our childhood.  They just don't make toys like these anymore, and Banner fell in love immediately with his uncle's old dump truck.

Banner LOVED using the dump truck as a push toy, and figured out pretty quickly not to pull up on the back (lest the truck bed tip up and bang him in the head).  However, try as he might, Banner could not master the art of turning the dump truck while "walking".  So Trevor, Amy, Adam, William and I would strategically place ourselves around the living room to help keep the Ban Man moving.

Love this pose!  What a little character!

Recreating that time when
Trevor ran his car into a tractor.

Such a little boy!
Trevor has also taught Banner to make a "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" noise with his lips (like an engine motor) while playing with his trucks on the floor.  It might just be the cutest thing ever.


That corgi :) said...

so cute!! Those Tonka trucks are so sturdy! My son had a dump truck like that and he and his friend would play for hours rolling it around!


Deals On Wheels said...

They are fantastic! I wish they still made them that way! Banner LOVES it. It was hard to leave all the trucks at the ranch, but I figured it is good to have toys down there for when we visit. Babies do not travel light! Haha!

This is my life so far said...

I love Banner's pose in the picture with him standing holding on to the table.