Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reason No. 876 why I am a horrible mother...

Banner stayed home from school yesterday because he was a snotty, drooly mess (thanks to a teething/runny nose combo).  Trevor and I decided to take him to school today, though, because he seemed to feel okay, never had any fever and had more energy than we knew what to do with.

(Plus, I had taken him to the pediatrician yesterday because I was worried his runny nose had morphed into a sinus or ear infection.  But the doctor declared him to be "absolutely fine" with the exception of some nasal congestion and a swollen, angry knob on the bottom, left side of his lower jaw where his first molar will (hopefully) be soon.)

In other words, he wasn't sick.  Or at least wasn't acting like it.  And any doubts I may have had were completely dashed the second I heard my son SQUEAL when we walked into his classroom and he saw all of his little friends.  I sat him on the ground and he looked at me, smiled his big, snaggle toothed grin and started to clap his hands.

I tried not to take it personally.

After dropping him off, I proceeded on to work, but my heart froze a couple of hours later when I saw that I had a missed call from day care around 11 AM.  I immediately called back expecting news of a fever or something of the like.  I was sure they were going to tell me to come and pick him up and take him home.

Instead, I learned that Banner had climbed up on the new island/shelf in the middle of the classroom and crawled over the edge before the teacher - who was holding another baby - could make it over to stop/catch him.  He fell less than 12 inches, but bumped his head on the floor.  And, hence, his teacher was calling once again to tell me that I would have another incident report waiting for me when I came to pick him up.

(Banner, in case you were wondering, was absolutely fine.  Apparently, he barely even cried.  It scared him more than anything.  Trevor is hoping it will help teach Banner about the hazards of gravity.)

Instead of worrying about the bump on Banner's head, however, I was RELIEVED.

Not relieved, mind you, that my baby had hurt himself or had a bump on his head.  Relieved that he was still feeling okay and didn't have a fever.  He loves school and playing with his friends so much.  I didn't want to have to bring him home if he was well enough to be there.  It has nothing to do with missing work, being at home or snuggling with a sick kiddo two days in a row.  Banner was just so happy to arrive at school this morning, I was relieved he could stay and play like usual.

And Trevor?  Yeah, he admitted to feeling the same thing.  Apparently, we are the a$$hat parents of the year.

[Shakes head]


This is my life so far said...

I think you all are fine. Glad Banner is ok though.

That corgi :) said...

Poor Banner for falling! Glad it was only a short distance and he didn't suffer any serious injury!

My biggest thing with my kids were "do you send them to school or keep them home?" when they are sick. Obviously fever they stay home, throwing up, etc., they stay home. But the runny nose thing gets to be that iffy zone. Are they contagious, etc., because you just get have them miss a lot of school especially as they get older. Such a juggling act to be a parent!