Friday, November 23, 2012

To El Rancho we go...

Road trips are terrifying with a very active 10.5 month old who prefers NOT to nap very much during the day (hey, he might miss something). To compensate, we spent the night at my mother’s house and left for the ranch before dawn.

And? It worked like a charm! Banner literally slept the ENTIRE way, and didn’t stir until we were well within the Lampasas city limits. We were at the ranch before 10 AM.

The only downside was that Trevor and I were ready for a nap by 10:15.  Banner, on the other hand, was just starting his day.  I don't think I've ever been so grateful for coffee!  Especially since we were celebrating Thanksgiving Part Deux with my father and siblings tonight!


That corgi :) said...

Good planning to drive like this. I just think they get bored in their car seats and if they won't sleep, what can they do but complain that they want out. When my now 23 y/o son was 2 months old we drove from Oregon to Washington DC for my sister's wedding. What were we thinking?


Deals On Wheels said...

Wow! You are brave! I cannot imagine. I drove to Syracuse from Dallas when I was in college and that nearly killed me (and it was just me). I can't imagine with a baby that needs to be fed every 3 hours! You deserve a medal!