Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day recap...

I don't understand why we are quite so...ahem..."wide"
in the picture, but I love it anyway.

Please take a moment to appreciate how much my bambino has grown in the last year:

Mother's Day 2012
Mother's Day 2013 with Gran
(He NEVER stops moving unless he is asleep)
My second Mother's Day was pretty fabulous.  Trevor made me coffee and an egg sandwich and Banner got me a beautiful heart-shaped, silver locket from James Avery (the kid has taste!) and a singing Mother's Day card (which he is still fascinated with by the way).  Then, after a quick trip to the gym and Whole Foods, the family relocated to Gran's house for an afternoon of baseball, grilling and backyard shenanigans.  It was wonderful and relaxing...even if Banner decided that Mother's Day was the perfect time to forgo his usual two hour nap.  Fortunately for us there was a silver lining:  the little dude was completely passed out by 6:45 that night.  It felt like vacation.

In other news, Mother's Day 2013 also marks the first (and possibly last) time I ever by meat.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but raw meat completely and utterly disgusts me.  I can't look at it without feeling ill, and I usually avoid grocery store butcher's like the plague.  Seriously.  If it wasn't for Trevor, I'd probably still be a vegetarian. 

But Trevor wasn't able to go to Whole Foods because he was at home trying (unsuccessfully) to convince Banner that taking a nap was a good idea.  So, it fell to me to buy turkey and beef patties for grilling out at Gran's.  To my credit, I only gagged once.  Unfortunately, I also got light-headed and I'm pretty sure the butcher wanted to kill me.  Since I've never bought it before, I had no idea that there are ground meat options.  In fact, I thought the option WAS "ground".  But since I also cannot cook (or answer any questions related to cooking, for that matter), I was unable to tell the butcher what I was going to do to said meat other than "grill it like a burger".  I finally pleaded with him to choose "something that would taste good cooked between to pieces of bun" for me.  He rolled his eyes, chose the middle of the three ground beef and ground turkey options, molded them into patties and I was on my way. 

OMG, never again. 

(Even if it was the best turkey burger I've ever sank my teeth into. )

(Which it totally was.)

I am totally my own worst enemy sometimes.

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