Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ten random things for absolutely no reason whatsoever...

  1. I didn't understand why the potato fueled the clock on THIS recent episode of Big Bang Theory with Bob Newhart.  Thanks to Google and a coworker that used to work at a science museum, I do now, but I can't help but wonder if I missed some sort of critical class back in elementary school where they explained all the basics of science and math.  Because, if so, that explains a lot.  Although, it is still very possible that I'm just an idiot. 

  2. Somehow I made it 32 3/4 years without knowing who Richard Pryor was.  Trevor was horrified.  My coworker, Pam, just shook her head and later called to ask if I had ever heard of Bob Hope.

  3. I started to listen to 1310 The Ticket in order to better understand my husband.  I keep listening even though I prefer the stories that aren't about sports, which on a radio show called The Ticket isn't all that often.  I'm pretty sure this is similar to buying p0rn for the articles, except I also find most of the hosts insulting to women and...well, crude.  Basically, I have no idea why I keep tuning in. 

  4. In related news:  pigs might be gearing up to fly because I know things like who the Ranger's are going to play this week, who the starting pitchers will be and even found myself Googling "Mitch Mooreland" to better understand why people feel the way they do about him.  I also had a ten minute voluntary conversation with Trevor last night about the Ranger's bull pen.  WTF is wrong with me?

  5. I continue to feel very strongly about my local meteorologists.  I will watch (or not watch) a news broadcast based on how I feel about the weather person.  I've given almost all of them nicknames (based on how I perceive them, not on their actual competency or weather predicting accuracy).  Trevor doesn't understand this at all, not that I blame him.  Sometimes I dream about visiting Syracuse, New York just so I can watch Wayne Mahar give the forecast in his red jacket again.  As far as I know, he doesn't even have his red jacket anymore, but there was just something about it (and Doppler the weather cat) back in 1998-2002 that made me trust his weather predictions more than anyone else's to date .  He is the weatherperson that I compare all other weather people to.  David Finfrock is a close second because he is an allergy sufferer.  I am not handling his upcoming retirement in 2018 well.  We might have to move.

  6. I've been trying very hard to boycott the TODAY SHOW, but I'm finding it difficult to do so because I prefer the local weather people on NBC.  Granted, the weather is only on for about two whole minutes AN HOUR during the show.  You would think I could deal with new weather people just to escape Matt Lauer and the distinct lack of anything resembling actual news, but OMG IT IS SO HARD. 

  7. The weather makes me crazy (see #6 and #7).  Or maybe I'm just crazy to start with.  I'm going to go with the latter.

  8. I love spicy, dark chocolate.  It is my kryptonite.  Luckily, Trevor finds it revolting, so I can store a bar in our fridge without worrying that he will eat it (my sister, however, is another story).  Sometimes a single bar can last me for MONTHS. 

  9. I think onions are disgusting.  I told my dad when I was four that I'd eat onions when I was five.  I lied.  I thought about giving them another chance recently, and decided against it.  Because, ew.

  10. I just realized that I graduated from college ELEVEN YEARS AGO last Sunday.  When did I get so old?  Good thing Trevor is older.  It gives me an outlet.  Compared to him, I'm still young(er).  I love that man and his advanced age.


Karen said...

I love this list! Re: #6. Just do it. Drew has tortured me for years about how awful the Today show is and how it's not really news at all. I used to watch the first 20 minutes to get any real news PLUS the local weather (I also prefer my local NBC weather folks and know exactly what you're talking about with #5). I haven't watched in ages and find myself turning it off when it comes on after the local news.

Happy Friday!

This is my life so far said...

Love your list of random's. we like Pete delakus for weather on ch. 8. Ben loves the ticket and makes me listen to it. I never understand what they are talking about. Also agree with you about the hosts being insulting. You all will have a lot to talk about now.