Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sixteen Month Update...

I know I say it a lot, but it seems like every time I look at Banner he has changed or learned something new. It kind of blows my mind. Part of me is thrilled and the other part wants to freeze time for a bit. He is growing up so fast. Just for fun, Trevor and I scrolled through pictures of our little guy from the last six months, and it is ridiculous how much he has changed. Granted, six months constitutes more than a third of Banner's entire life on planet Earth, but it amazing to see how far he has come and developed in such a relatively short time. 

We also ran into friends that had a baby boy on January 1st, 2013. Baby Phillip is so little and I kept thinking "that was Banner this time last year" the entire time we were in their presence. Afterwards, Trevor and I kept listing all the ways that having a toddler is both easier and harder than having an infant. The whole mobility is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is fabulous to watch him be able to run around and explore. On the other hand, though, it would be nice if he'd sit still for just five minutes so I could catch my breath, finish my dinner or, heaven forbid, take a picture.

Same thing with talking. Banner is right at that age where his desire to communicate is hindered by both his vocabulary and the ability to form sentences. Toss in the adult population's complete and utter lack of familiarity with baby babble (as well as a 16 month old definition of the word "no" that includes meanings that run the gamut from "yes" to "no" to "maybe"), and you have frequently have a room full of frustrated people both big and small. Because OMG, what do you want?!

To help with this, day care did the exact opposite of what I would have done. They gave him a new word to help him articulate a point instead of (for example) throwing a fit whenever so-and-so stole his toy. Which I'm usually all for (yay, language!). Except that word is "Mine!" and I now have a child that says, "No! Mine!" when I try to reclaim the remote control or redirect him away from the electrical outlet or table top lamp that could kill him.

Point taken Little B, but you still can't stand on top of the coffee table.

On the flip side, Banner seems to both understand and accept it if I say "Mine!". I just have to do it before he touches whatever it is and claims it in the name of Banner first. Which is exhausting, and doesn't set a very good example. Luckily, Banner is very eager to share, and will (usually) hand over whatever contraband he has if you ask him nicely.

In other vocabulary-related news, Banner now knows how to say "Emma", "Abby", "Boks" (blocks), "bu-ee" (Buddy), "Happy", "Peas" (please) and can also tell you what a cow, duck, sheep, dog and cat says. He will also happily show you where his ears, nose, eyes, mouth, head, foot, hands and belly button are. He is also very familiar with the songs and their associated hand motions like "If you are happy and you know it", "Old MacDonald had a farm", "The itsy-bitsy spider" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". 

He has also decided that he likes both hummus and guacamole, and will gladly suck it off of a cracker or chip before handing said cracker or chip back to be reloaded.

Go Rangers!

Banner will also - on occasion - watch baseball and hockey when it is on TV. Strangely enough, he smiles and claps at appropriate times. Trevor has taken that to mean that his attempts to brainwash his mini me into a sports fiend have been successful. I just think his ears were hurting and he wanted to snuggle with mommy and daddy in the big bed until the baby Motrin kicked in and he could finally fall asleep.

Banner has also been suffering from bad diaper rash lately, and - since the weather is finally getting warmer - we've let the little guy run around the backyard naked to "air out" on the weekends. He LOVES the garden hose and to "help" mommy fill up the fountain and give the flowers a drink. All of which is so much more adorable (and hysterical) when done with nothing on except a big, blue sun hat. Mimi refers to her gran nephew as my "naked gardener".

He enjoys books and reading to himself.  He babbles incessantly before giggling to himself and turning the page.  I wish I knew what he was saying because it sounds hysterical.  I love that my son can completely crack himself up. 

He also has figured out the doggie door, and will now disappear into the dog run to play with his dogs if we aren't paying attention.  Poor Haskell.  No place is safe anymore. 

In other news, Trevor was the first to notice that whenever you ask Banner, "Where's Mommy?", Banner makes an immediate beeline to master bathroom.  Apparently, whenever I disappear it is to the toilet.  Not sure how I feel about this, but I probably need to figure out a way to fix it.  It just doesn't seem right that my child hears "mommy" and thinks "potty". 

(Shakes head.)

As for other random tidbits:

Image for bullet point #2.
He bruised his earlobe on that green chair.

  • Adding cinnamon to your morning coffee is NOT the same thing as adding cinnamon to the coffee grounds before you brew it.

  • Thanks to Banner, I now know it is possible to bruise your earlobe. #raisingboys

  • During the week, 7 AM feels so early and it is hard to wake up.  But on the weekends, I'm wide awake at 6:45.  Explain this to me.

  • I'm having a very hard time accepting the fact that June is THIS WEEKEND.  It doesn't feel a day later than February.
(The end)

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