Friday, February 14, 2014

Banner's Valentine's Day party...

Banner's class celebrated Valentine's Day two days early on Wednesday.  The kids had been working hard on decorating shoe box "mailboxes" all week.  Banner's was the largest because all the other kids had little kid shoe boxes or one of mom's, but all we had at home was one of Trevor's. 

(Really not that surprising because Trevor loves him some shoes.)

The funny thing about the party was watching Banner run around like a maniac the entire time.  The kid is full of energy.  He was jumping, climbing, dancing and partying his little hiney off.  Meanwhile, all the girls were sitting quietly at the table working on crafts or carefully decorating their cookie.  Is this a gender thing?  Or is my kid just a spaz?

It was also rather alarming that every one of the parents seemed to know Banner and have a story about him.  He has only been in the class for a month.  It is reminiscent of that party in the nursery when I walked in and everyone was all like, "Oh, you must be Banner's mom."  Except then I was all proud of my social butterfly and now I'm wondering if it really is a good thing that my kid makes himself so...KNOWN.

The kid is two and his reputation precedes him.  But, hey, at least the Ban Man has made new friends, right?

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