Sunday, February 02, 2014

Too Cold To Hold…LITERALLY

Trying not to take it personally that the bottom always falls out temp wise when we run. But the 10 mile Too Cold Too Hold is in the books. It is possible that I may never be able to feel my a$$ again.


I've showered and gone to lunch, and I'm still cold.

Of course, this is probably due to the fact that today's HIGH of 40 was hit at 12:05AM.  It was in the mid 30s by race time.  According to the weather people, the wind chill was in the teens.  Which explains why those 30+ mph gusts hurt so bad - especially on the south side of the lake.  Miles 4-6 were long, slow and bitterly coooooooold.  

At least, the majority of the rain held off until after we crossed the finish line.  Thank goodness for small favors, because we had to walk home after the race.  Brrrrrrrrr...

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