Monday, February 17, 2014

Too fabulous not to share...

Trevor's attire at the Secret Cupid party at our house Valentine's night.
Even Haskell is impressed.

The good news:  All G-Winks were sporting PJs in various shades of red and pink.  Seriously.  I wore pink scrubs from my 2002 college sorority formal, a tank top and a pink polka-dotted bathrobe.  I was fabulously comfortable.

The bad news:  EVERYONE ELSE IN ATTENDANCE decided to forgo PJs or festive Valentine's Day attire, and look all cute and fancy.  Dru even wore an ascot.  AN ASCOT.  Like Ken on Toy Story 3.  Meanwhile, I looked like someone just woke me up from a sound sleep for some pizza.

Oh, and did I mention I was also meeting out of town cousins for the first time?  Yeah.  Yay me.

But back to Trevor.  He has wanted a smoking jacket for years but is never getting one because the cheapest they run is like $1,000.  And, no:  The fact that they throw in "free monogramming" isn't a selling point AT ALL.  Because the man only smokes a pipe maaaaaybe once a year and...well, he is TREVOR.  Not James Bond, Hugh Hefner or even Pepe Le Pew.

But, luckily, he found this robe at an antique store, and he is satisfied for now.

And, don't worry.  I made him dry clean it first.  Because:  MOTH EGGS and EMBALMING FLUID!

In related news, I mentioned to Trevor nearly twelve years ago, that I've always found something appealing about grown men in PJs.  I've even bought him various sets over the years in the hopes that he'd wear them.  No dice.  Well, until he found this set at Nordies.  Now he comes home and immediately puts them on.  We are going to have to get him another set, though, because he is all like Banner and his Elmo shirt with those PJs right now and they've got to go in the laundry sometime.

Boys, I swear.  They never cease to amaze and amuse, do they?

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