Wednesday, July 02, 2014

We've reached THAT stage...

...where we have a lot of imaginary boo-boos, and my
kid ends up going to school looking like this.

In related news:  All the fake boo-boo drama this morning totally threw me for a loop.  Because having a fake boo-boo isn't enough.  We also need to milk sympathy for the fake boo-boo.

The kid is destined for Hollywood.

Anyway, I managed to forget about splash day at school (I blame the boo-boo).  Luckily, I had stocked his cubby with a bag of swim diapers, but no extra shorts.  Just pants.  Which is another parenting fail on my part because it is JULY.  IN TEXAS.  Fleece lined pants are simply not appropriate right now.  Neither are Syracuse sweatpants, for that matter.  But that didn't stop me from putting the latter over a swimmy and bolting from the classroom this morning with a quick, "Okay!  He is ready!  Have a great day!" in the direction of his teacher.

And suddenly the fact that my kid had a Cars bandaid on a nonexistent boo-boo on his face wasn't the oddest thing about his outfit this morning.  Part of me wishes I could have seen his teacher's face when she turned around and saw him standing there bare-chested in sweatpants with a bright red bandage stuck on his chin, and the other part of me is glad I ran before she could ask me any questions.

[Shakes head]

Clearly, I'm mother of the year.

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