Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Fourth Recap...

It is sort of anticlimactic to discuss what we did on the Fourth, because we did the SAME THING this year that we did in 2012 and 2013.  Not that I would change a thing, mind you.  I'm a sucker for routine.  Plus, it is such a delight watching Banner enjoy the exact same parade and fireworks show that I did at his age.

Sometimes is the simple little things.  Probably why the Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Just good ole fashion summer fun with friends and family.

Anyway, I won't bore you with too many details.  Just a million and a half photographic memories of Banner's third half birthday:

Business as usual...

Waiting for the parade to begin.

Two year olds get a lot of candy tossed their way.  Especially
when they have a sassy fifteen month, female sidekick named Eva.

Have I mentioned that he has A LOT of energy?

Paw-Paw Mint.

CEO, Uncle Yum and Jeep.

Lady Loraine and the FABULOUS Auntie Mimi.

Rachel and Neighbor Becky.

So, yeah.  Catching isn't his best skill.  But to Banner's credit, he keeps trying.

Because being two means you gotta
pull the Dragon Wagon "myself".

After the parade, we returned home so Banner could open his half birthday presents from Jeep:

He is finally getting the hang of opening presents.

Present time was followed by "quiet time".  Little man keeps threatening to drop his nap, but we strictly enforce quiet time because...well, mama and daddy NEED a nap, even if Banner (*thinks* he) doesn't.

We were supposed to meet at my dad's house a little before 5 PM, but were delayed by a stray storm.  Lots of thunder and lightening at our house, but NO RAIN.  A mile away at my sister's house, though?  DOWNPOUR.  Abrams and Mockingbird?  HAIL.  Skillman and Mockingbird?  FLOODED STREETS.  75 and Mockingbird?  SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS.

For those of you not familiar with Dallas, I live exactly 6.1 miles from my dad, and four miles from 75 and Mockingbird.  So we are talking about a pretty bad a$$ thunderstorm that was less than three miles wide.

Here's a visual (photos taken less than five minutes apart) on Mockingbird:

The weirdest thing is that the storm NEVER crossed 75, and everyone we spoke to that evening was like, "What do you mean it rained today"?

Of course, it would have been a better story if it had actually rained at my house, because I'm all about free water in July.

Anyway, back to the festivities, Banner was a HUGE fan of the band at the club this year.  During their break between sets, he even went and found them drinking coffee and sat down like he was one of the guys.

Number ONE fan.

We weren't sure we were going to be able to see the fireworks because
little groupie didn't want to leave the stage and his new buddies.

But after a few rounds of peek-a-boo, and the promise of another band outside (I kid you not, he ended up on stage!), we were successful in getting him outside.

A rare family photo before the fireworks began.

I may love this photo more than THIS ONE taken last year.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!  

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