Monday, April 15, 2013

15 Month Wellness Visit...

Last Monday, Banner had his fifteen month checkup with his pediatrician.

He DID have to have several shots (DTap, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B, and IPV), which worried me after what happened following his last shots in January.  However, the doctor assured me that none of these were the same as his twelve month vaccines.  In fact, they were all boosters from the ones he received at two, four and six months.

His eighteen month visit is another story.  But, just to be safe, he will only be getting a single booster at that time (I love that my pediatrician broke up Banner's vaccines so he won't be getting so many at once in July).  Unfortunately, it will be one of the shots he had at a year.  But, as the doctor pointed out, Banner's high fever *may* have been caused by a virus and not the shots at all.  Knowing me, though, I'll probably still worry until it is over and done with in July.  It is simply in my nature.  I'm not Trevor's little catastrophist for nothing.

In other news, Banner continues to develop on schedule.  When the doctor asked him to "walk to mommy", he ran.  He also showed off his verbal skills by whispering, "Wow!" when the the pediatrician handed him a wooden tongue depressor to play with after the exam.

It's the little things when you have a toddler.

As for his fifteen month stats, Banner weighed in at 25.8 pounds (65%), has a head circumference of 47.5 (70%) and was proclaimed to be "off the charts" by the nurse at 34 1/4 inches (99%).  This, of course, explains why some of his 24 month onesies are starting to pull at the neck, and why we had to take the kiddo back to Stride Rite for a new pair of sneakers.  The little dude's feet have grown TWO SIZES since January, and he now is sporting around town in a size seven.

Even the doctor commented on how loooooong Banner is.  We joked that he'll be able to ride the big kid rides at Six Flags by his third birthday.

Now, if we can only get him to stop tackling girls at school...

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Lia said...

Clearly, an above average child. :) Getting started on the "girls have cooties" stage early?