Thursday, April 25, 2013

There's that lady again...

On Wednesday morning, Banner woke up extra special early for - as far as Trevor and I could tell - absolutely no reason at all.  Since it was almost time for Trevor's alarm to go off, he simply cut his losses and brought Ban to me in bed while he jumped in the shower.

Banner was all fine and snuggly while Trevor was in the bathroom, but once he emerged, the kid suddenly needed his daddy.  LIKE NOW.

There was much crying and more than a few attempts by Banner to throw himself off the bed (in dramatic toddler fashion) while Trevor got dressed.  It was a little exasperating.

Finally, though, Trevor was able to take his son (who immediately stopped crying much to my chagrin), while I donned my bunny slippers and headed to the kitchen to feed the dogs.  I passed Trevor and Banner in the den, who had just finished grabbing a pre-breakfast snack from the cupboard.

As they walked by, Trevor mumbled, "There's that lady again," and I almost jumped out of my skin.  Immediately, I thought there was some sort of creepy, old lady staring at us from the backyard through the study windows.  To escape her gaze, I half screamed, grabbed Trevor and attempted to hide behind him.

But instead of protecting me, Trevor started to laugh hysterically.

Apparently, I was said lady and Trevor had really been talking to Banner.

And Trevor wonders why I don't like to watch scary movies...

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