Friday, April 12, 2013

Alley Cat...

So, Alley had to have her nose biopsied on April 2nd.  

The good news is that so far the tests have come back negative for cancer, auto-immune disorders, mites and bacteria.  The vet isn't 100% sure what is causing her nose to swell, bleed and peel, but at least whatever it is ISN'T malignant.

The bad news is that Alley figured out how to get her stitches out four days later.  It was disgusting.  We had no idea how deep they had to "punch" to get a large enough sample for the biopsy.  Even worse?  It got infected.

Almost week later, however, and she's doing much better.  The antibiotics are doing their thing, and the cone-o-shame is (so far) preventing her from ripping her stitches out again.  She'll hopefully get them out this week, and once again be able to come and go via the doggie door like usual.  Which will be fantastic, because Alley with a cone is essentially a canine powered snow plow wreaking havoc all over my house.  Banner now sees her coming and waves his arms in distress.  He gets "plowed" over by her at least five or six times a day.

And, of course, thanks to Melissa, all I can think of when I see satellite dish Alley is this:

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