Thursday, April 25, 2013

Well done, Trevor. Well done.

Trevor has been acting like a martyr ever since I finalized my travel plans to fly to Maryland this weekend for my high school reunion.  Originally, we had planned on going together since we've only had one brief weekend alone since Banner arrived, but we had problems securing a sitter that could stay with Banner.  So, since Trevor had a boy's weekend last year in Vegas, it was decided it was my turn to have a weekend away with the girls.

Still, feeling guilty, I offered to schedule our favorite sitter so he could have a night off while I was out of town.  After all, when he went to Vegas last spring, my mother came and stayed with me.  Sometimes you just need a little help.  

(Granted, I was a little hormonal last year and irrationally terrified of sleeping in the house with Banner by myself.  Plus, I still hadn't mastered the whole leaving-the-house-with-baby thing yet, and had issues feeling isolated and overwhelmed.  I NEEDED MY MOM.)

But sensing one night off wasn't enough for my hubby, I called back and scheduled Molly for a second evening.  It made me feel better that he'd have help because Banner is one extremely energetic toddler.  It can be exhausting and I felt bad I wasn't going to be there to share in the chaos.

Since then, though, I've learned that Trevor has also asked his mother to watch Banner for awhile so he can go to the gym on Saturday.  And Amy is apparently on standby for Saturday and/or Sunday.  I even heard from my sister-in-law last night that Spencer is planning on coming over as well to assist in my absence.

Which, to recap, means:

Banner goes to school on Friday and Trevor has the sitter Friday night.

On Saturday, my mother-in-law is going to watch Banner in morning while Trevor goes to the gym, Spencer is coming over in the afternoon "to help" and the sitter is coming back that evening.

Amy is less than a mile away and has generously offered to help out on if needed, and Banner goes BACK to school on Monday.  I return Monday afternoon.

Sooooo...basically Trevor is also on vacay this weekend.  

He even went out drinking with the boys tonight after work, while I stayed home with the baby to pack.

I've totally been played!  Martyr my a$$!

UPDATE:  Trevor just said, "Why do the work when you can have others do it for you?" and just admitted to also trying to line up MY MOTHER to help out Sunday.  I'm shocked and a little in awe.  I can't believe I ever felt guilty! He's obviously been planning this for awhile.

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Melissa said...

You know, I thought about checking in on him. Kinda glad I didn't, since he obviously didn't need Aunt Melissa. . . (and I was almost feeling sorry for Trevor.)