Thursday, April 18, 2013

There's a new sheriff in town...

...and his name is Cowboy Banner:

(He takes his job VERY seriously.)
Here he is helping to settle a domestic dispute over a toy phone:

(I love that he took his hat off for the ladies.)
And here he is chillin' at the hitchin' post:

And, finally, here he is doing his best impression of Big Tex:
Howdy, Folks!
The best part about the whole thing is that I was supposed to dress him up as a farmer this morning for...well, I don't really know why.  A note just went home yesterday reminding parents that today was "dress your kid as a farmer day".  And, well, I don't really have anything farmer chic at home. 
(And by that I mean I don't have any overalls or straw hats.)
(Because ALL farmers wear overalls and straw hats.  Obviously.)
(Thanks for going along with me on that.)
So, instead, I just dressed him in what we had at home (compliments of Trevor's impulse buy back in September that resulted in THIS POST).  I thought he looked like a farmer.  Well, until I got to school and everyone kept asking why my kid was dressed like a cowboy. 
I'm just glad Banner is too young to understand that his mama dressed him weird today on purpose.
Especially since NO ONE ELSE was dressed up at all.  Unless you count the one kid in overalls, but I'm not convinced that just wasn't a coincidence.

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Melissa said...

In Texas, most farmers wear cowboy hats. Makes sense to me.