Monday, June 17, 2013

Between Babies: The finale...

From: Nathan
Date: June 8, 2013, 12:29:38 PM CDT
To: Banner
Subject: Help me out, please.

Hi Banner,

How are things going?  Man, I've been having tons of fun lately.

Tanner and I hatched a plan to escape from our room at daycare this week.  We decided we were tired of being in the same room with the other babies who cannot crawl yet.  So, we figured we could spend the afternoons watching the fish and visiting the toddler rooms to see which one we wanted to join.  Tanner and I had it all figured out, we had been practicing how to work those door knobs at home  for days.  Then, on the day we were set to spring out of the place, we decided to check the door and  Ms. Stacy saw Tanner open the door, oops!  Then she blocked it with the exersaucer.  Drat.  Out plan was foiled.  The door has been blocked ever since.  We need a new plan.

Oh, I got a birthday cake and balloons for my birthday.  Mom made we a special vegan cake because milk makes my tummy hurt.  It was nice of her to do that, but it didn't taste very good.  The balloons, on the other hand, we're lots of fun.  You can hit them and pull them and all sorts of things and they just fall up!  It's incredibly funny.  However, balloons outside are no good.  The wind nocks them all over the place.  I don't care for that, it's too frightening.  So, other than yucky cake and the wind knocking my balloons around, I really liked turning one.

I'm still not sure about walking, though. It seems complicated.  I am going to stick with crawling for a little longer.  But, I think it's neat that you figured out how to run.  My mom is talking about getting rid of my bottles, Banner.  I don't know that she's thought this plan through.  She must think that I'm just going to stop drinking milk all of a sudden.  Crazy talk.  There is so much that I find I need to teach my parents.  Were your parents this confused on you, too?

Anyway, it's past my nap time so I better go. Take it easy, Banner.


From: Nathan
Date: June 17, 2013, 10:03:59 PM CDT
To: Banner
Subject: Oh no!


Tanner and I were punished for trying to escape from our room in daycare today.  They sent us both to a new room for a time out this afternoon.  There were all kinds of new kids in this room.  I didn't like it, there were too many people.  I was afraid that my mom and dad would never find me there when they came to pick me up.  Plus, they didn't have any of my bottles there.  I just wanted out.  After a couple of hours, they finally let us go back.  I was so relieved that I fell asleep eating.  That was the worst time out ever.  I learned my lesson.  I won't try to escape from daycare again.


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