Monday, June 10, 2013

My little monkey when to the zoo (again)...

Let me start of this post by saying that I've never actually used the baby leash.  I received it as a gag present (along with THIS little gem) from one of my college besties when I was pregnant, but it hadn't even been out of the closet (much less the box) until ten days ago.  And even then it was my mom and sister who used it.  I'm torn between the whole "OMG, my baby is on a a dog!" and "OMG, my baby NEEDS a leash...just like a dog!" 
It is very confusing.
Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the baby leash, and Banner loves it.  Plus, in a crowd, I can see how it definitely has its advantages.  Banner has reached an age where he wants to run around and explore.  In a non linear fashion while weaving in and out of traffic at top speed.  He isn't interested in holding hands or being carried.  He'll tolerate the stroller, but only for about seven minutes.  The child only stops moving when he is asleep, and is completely fearless (except when it comes to giant, metal elephants at the zoo). 

Dragging Grammy Pammy around the zoo.
I'm actually convinced the baby leash was invented for toddlers like Banner.  People who judge other parents for using leashes have either never had toddler or weren't blessed with a pint sized version of The Flash.
Plus, I'm all for keeping Banner safe.  If that involves a baby leash, so be it.
(And I totally say that now, but - again - have yet to use the thing myself.  I am such a wimp.  Why do I care what other people think?!)
Anyhoo, on June 1st, Grammy Pammy and Auntie Amy took Banner to the Dallas Zoo for some sort of evening fundraiser.  He got to feed the giraffes, pet goats, go on pony AND camel rides, play in the zoo's water features and eat a variety of cookies and popsicles that would have never been allowed if mommy had been there.
I really can't complain, though, because he was returned to me completely exhausted and slept until nearly 10 AM the next day.  Say whaaaaaat?!
All in all, it sounds like the little guy had much more fun this time around than he did back in November.  Mobility makes all the difference in the world.
Here are some pictures of Banner's second trip to the zoo:

Finally big enough to ride the pony.

He LOVED this car and threw a little fit when it was time to move on.

He rode the camel TWICE.

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