Friday, June 07, 2013

Memorial Day Recap...

I was going to post an entire entry summing up Memorial Day, but - dude - that was almost two weeks ago.  When did I get so behind?  And why can't I catch up?


But there was ONE story from the long weekend that I want to be sure and remember, because it is the kind of childhood gold that gets repeated decades later at college graduations and rehearsal dinners.  It goes a little something like this:

On Sunday, May 19th, we invited Banner's aunts and uncles that were in Dallas over to grill in the backyard.  We made copious amounts of guacamole, listened to the Ranger's beat the Detroit Tigers on the radio and watched my baby streak around half naked the yard.  I even got stung by a wasp, and chased two Benadryl with a glass of wine.  It was that kind of fabulous. 

Thanks to all the antibiotics he was on last month, Banner was suffering from a pretty bad diaper rash and we figured running around sans diaper might give the area an opportunity to air out a bit.  Plus, Amy had bought him an inflatable wading pool, and who really wants to deal with a swim diaper?

(Famous last words, right?!)

Honestly, I wasn't really concerned about...ahem, "party fouls", because Banner had taken THREE massive poops earlier that day.  He only weighs 27 pounds, and I figured there could only be so much in there.

(You can see where this is going, can't you?)

Banner happily ran around in nothing but a sun shirt for hours without incident before unceremoniously pooping in the pool.  This created quite the stir as Amy drained the water, Allison wiped his little hiney and I picked up all his bath toys and washed them in a bucket of water and bleach.  We were in the process of filling up the pool again, when I looked over just in time to see my son squat down and poop in the yard.  LIKE A DOG.  Trevor was called in to deal with this one.  Except, upon further investigation, multiple piles were discovered all over the yard.  He'd been at this for awhile.

After everything had calmed down a bit, Allison, Amy and I were talking while Banner - now presumably several pounds lighter - continued to run around the yard sans pants.  Since we were all sitting in the shade, Banner ventured over and started handing us all various things he found on the ground (sticks, small rocks, leaves, etc.).  And that's when he handed his aunt Allison something warm, brown and damp.

Need I say more?

If Banner never has any first cousins to play with, I'm sure we will all be able to trace it back to Memorial Day weekend 2013.  My child was like a walking, talking and pooping advertisement for birth control. 

Here are some other pictures of my baby (NOT POOPING) to remember the long weekend by:

"Driving" the cart at Whole Foods.

Eating at the dinning room table like a big boy.

Listening to live music at the Memorial Day picnic at the DCC
(He LOVED it and kept dancing and waving at the musicians on stage)

Baby's first clown

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