Thursday, June 20, 2013

ET calls home...

While watching the NBA finals tonight, Trevor and I saw this:

That lake?  The one the guy is diving into?  That is HERE.  Ice Lakes Basin.  Where I tricked convinced Trevor into quit smoking a decade ago.  Where he proposed in 2008.  

Honestly, I can't tell you how many times we've hiked up there.  This blog is littered with images from our visits over the years.  Even my Blogger profile picture was taken overlooking the lower basin.  Just seeing it brings back so many memories.  To say it is our special place is a gross understatement.  That basin, at least to me, simply IS us.  

Now it is in a commercial.  An ad both Trevor and I saw for the first time tonight.  Just weeks before we should be going back on what can only be described as our annual pilgrimage...home.  

And yet, we aren't going to Colorado this year.  We have other plans.  Plane reservations even. 
To Wyoming.

But?  It is kind of weird, isn't it?  To see the place you should be going to when you know you aren't going there at all?  Especially when we WERE planning on going there as recently as a month ago.  Before things changed unexpectedly.  Before we weren't going there anymore.  At least not this year.

60 seconds and I'm left reeling and questioning everything.

This is why I shouldn't watch basketball.  Just sayin.

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Anonymous said...

It's never too late to go to CO!