Thursday, June 27, 2013

Insert foot in mouth. Or why we don't get asked to many playdates....

On Tuesday morning, Banner and I walked into his classroom, and Abby's mom exclaimed, "Banner!  Look at Abigail!"

So we did. 

Abby was standing in the middle of the classroom next to one of the pint sized couches.

Me:  "Oh! Yay!  She's walking now!"

Abby's mom: [sharply]  "No.  No, she's not."

Me:  "Oh.  Well, she will soon.  Don't worry."

Abby's mom:  "She's 15 months old.  My arms are getting tired of carrying her."

Me:  "She'll do it when she wants.  I think she just enjoys getting waited on.  Banner apparently likes helping push her chair in during meal times and bringing her toys."

Abby's mom:  "Hrmph."

Lesson learned:  Asking if a child is walking when they are not is on par with asking a woman if she is pregnant when she has simply gained a few pounds.  Or wearing a poorly fitting maxi dress.  Like I was on Wednesday evening at a work event when my boss asked me if I was expecting #2.

(To be fair, he was really asking because I had mentioned to him that I wasn't feeling well earlier that day.  But still.)

Sometimes there just isn't enough wine.

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