Monday, January 13, 2014

I made a chart for this post. No kidding.

OMG. I'm actually going to do something I said I would do! I know, I know: MIND BLOWN.

Here is how Trevor and Banner compare according to their well visits between birth and age 2:

Of course, this would have been more interesting if we actually had data on Trevor in the twenty-odd months that transpired between four months and two years.  I can only assume that Trevor was remarkably healthy between February, 1977 and October 1978.

Not that I'm judging, mind you.  I have it on good authority that Trevor was a handful.  

All this kind of makes me want to track down my baby book and see how thorough Grammy Pammy was back in the day.

What makes me laugh, though, is Trevor's reaction to weighing (almost) two pounds more than Banner at age two, but being over two inches shorter.  He thinks that makes him akin to a bowling ball.  But he wasn't.  If anything, he has two extra pounds of hair on top of that toe head:

Trevor at his second birthday party.

Other interesting tidbits from Trev's baby book?  The fact that Trevor was eating LEMON PIE at his first Christmas at the tender age of 10 weeks.

See last line in black if you don't believe me.

Which just goes to show that babies that were never breastfed and fed LEMON PIE at two months can turn out just fine.  I need to remember this if/when I ever breed again, because I was all nuts-o-cracko obsessed with Banner being exclusively breast fed and not introducing solids until he was six months old and blah, blah, blah.  And even when he started eating solids, I was all like, "Oh, no!  Not RICE cereal.  Not MY baby!  We've got to start him on oatmeal or he'll grow to up to be obese and diabetic!" 

(The boob milk sent me to the top of Mount Crazy fast.  I see that now.)

Comparatively, Banner's daddy was formula fed from the get-go and feasting on dessert before he could roll over.  And, no.  Trevor isn't diabetic.  He has only had one cavity in 37 years, and - despite all the studies that suggest a link between formula fed babies, increased risk of allergies, and what have you - Trevor has no known allergies, 20/20 vision and has incredible hair to boot:

Spencer and Trevor. 
Proving yet again that those G-wink genes are STRONG.

Meanwhile, my mother breast fed me for thirteen months and I have terrible allergies and myopia.


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