Friday, January 03, 2014


The downside to Banner's birthday being so close to the New Year is that he transitions to a new classroom.  Last year, it happened right before the holidays, and this year he starts transitioning on January 6th.  Last year, he moved up with Brox (who has since moved to Ennis), and this year he will be moving to Room 12 with Lauren (a.k.a. La La).  

The transition is always bittersweet.  I know Banner has outgrown his current classroom and thrives when he is challenged, but we absolutely adore his teachers.  I ugly cried when he moved to the toddler room, because he was leaving Angela and Syleta.  But then I fell in love with Ebony and Natasha, and it was so rewarding to see the great strides Banner made developmentally in their care.  

Plus, it wasn't like Angela and Syleta were gone.  We still saw them all the time.  Until last spring when Angela left to go back to school, and my heart broke a little to say "goodbye" to someone who spent so much time with Banner during his first year on the planet.  

And now?  Christmas Eve was Ebony's last day.  She's moving to another center closer to her home and daughter.  I wasn't going to send Banner to school on her last day because I wanted him home with me.  But then at pick up on the 23rd, Ebony started to tear up and begged me to bring Ban the following day so she could spend one last day with him.  And, well, I was tearing up, too and couldn't bear to say "no".  

It is funny how close we get to those who care for and love our children.  Part of me feels guilty for needing to have a professional life and not staying home with Banner.  But the other part knows I am a better mom because I have that professional outlet.  And, of course, knowing that Banner is in a wonderful place with people who genuinely love and care about him makes the decision to continue working easy for me to make.

Still, saying "goodbye" is never easy and I am notoriously bad when it comes to change.  True, Banner is about to leave Room 7 next week anyway, but it would have been nice to continue to see Ebony's smiling face as we passed by in the future (Banner still waves and says "bye, bye" to Syleta every afternoon when I pick him up).  

At least I'm not the only one.  Ebony left a sign saying goodbye, and no one has the heart to take it down.  Not even a week and a half later.

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