Monday, January 06, 2014

TWO? When did that happen?! Oh, right. Saturday.

Y'all.  My baby?  IS TWO.  I'm in complete denial about the entire situation. 

I know, I know.  Everyone said it would go fast, and it is starting to sink in that I'm going to blink and Banner will be going off to college.  But none of that is making the whole "time flying" situation any better, much less acceptable. 

Because...OMG, my baaaaaaaaby!

The thing is, the days feel like an eternity sometimes.  Our trip to Wyoming was only five months ago, but it feels like much longer.  And, yet, Banner's debut into the world seems like yesterday.  It is hard to wrap my mind around.  But there he is...driving around in circles the backyard in a battery operated Hummer sassing everyone in earshot.
Bossy pants.

But back to the party. 

We went with a FINDING NEMO theme this year, because Banner has been obsessed with the little, orange clown fish since the beginning of December.  Really, ice storm Cleon deserves all the credit, because Banner had never watched TV for more than seven minutes before being stuck inside with his parents for three days straight.  Part of me hates that he will happily zone out to a select few shows on the boob tube, and the other part of me loves the fact that I can now use the bathroom without an audience every now and again.

Trevor went all out on decorations, and Nemo was everywhere.  We set up while Banner was taking his birthday nap, and it was so much fun to see his eyes light up when he walked in to living room to see his favorite fish hanging out with all of his favorite people.  The kid was in heaven.

All in all, about thirty people showed up for the festivities.  Banner was a great host, and gave free rides in his ka-ka to anyone who was interested.  His only request was that Auntie Amy periodically give him a sip of her La Croix every now and again.

Drinking and driving.

We had requested no presents, but some people couldn't resist.  Banner didn't mind.  Especially when one of the parcels contained a drum set:

Mrs. Clemmer complained that it wasn't as loud as she hoped.
Did I wrong her somehow?!?!

But the best was the cake.  Trevor's coworker who made THIS CAKE and THESE CAKES in the past for the little B-Man, outdid herself (again!) this year.  We had so many compliments!

This would have been cute if "someone" had held still
and stopped chanting "NEMO! NEMO!"

 His favorite part were the Nemo characters that were covered in icing. 
(That's my boy!)

Blowing out the candles was complicated because I'd ask Banner to blow and he would say, "Blow!"  I get the same reaction when I try to get him to blow his nose.

And now because I don't know what else to say, here are few more of my favorite pictures from the big second birthday par-tay:

Birthday boy with his Godparents/uncles and aunt.

Oh, Uncle Pencer...

Uncle YUM and C.E.O.

Playing soccer with Uncle Aaaa-DAM!

It is not a party until the birthday boy falls off his
wiggle racer in the living room.

Showing everyone Elmo videos on YouTube.

(We all think so. XOXO)


DeeDee said...

Time goes unimaginably fast. One of our girls turned two on your Banner's birthday - 13 years ago. How she went from 2 to high school in such a short time mystifies me.

Jaime Perritt said...

Oh I'm sooo glad everyone loved the cake!! :) It looked so good with all the decorations. What a great way to turn 2! - Jaime

Deals On Wheels said...

Jamie: you are AWESOME!!!! Thank you!