Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two year old wellness visit...

So, the Ban Man had his two year old wellness last Monday.  Our appointment was at 3:30, but we waited in the waiting room for over an hour because the pediatrician's office was trying to work all these sick kiddos in between the well visits.

And then we waited some more after we finally go into an exam room.  Now, I honestly don't mind waiting because I understand that the world doesn't revolve around me or my son, and there are a lot of sick people right now.  That said, waiting with a two year old for over two hours is a challenge.  All the more, too, because I didn't pack enough snacks or any games because I was an idiot and thought we'd be in and out in an hour.  Poor, stupid me. 

Seriously.  I'm a moron.  I've apparently learned nothing in two years.

Luckily, despite my insistence that he not show up (because I stubbornly thought, "I've got this"), Trevor was there for the whole shebang.  And?  THANK GOD because there simply are not enough hands when it comes to extremely bored, hungry and irrational toddlers.  Especially when their mothers are dumba$$es.

As for the actual visit, Banner did fine.  No shots this go round.  Only a toe prick for a blood test.  Of course, we braced for the toe prick like we brace for shots or the apocalypse.  Everyone in the room thought there would be screaming and tears, but we were all wrong.  Banner just said, "Ouch!" and then...STARTED LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY.  Because, obviously?  I dunno.  The kid is weird.

As for his stats, he weighed in at 30.2 pounds (75%), measured 37.25 inches (97%) and had a head circumference of 49.3 (70%).  He has gained less than two pounds since JULY, but grown nearly three inches.  At this rate, we will be able to ride the BIG rides at Disneyland sooner than later. 

It is just funny because I assumed he'd be the small fish in his new classroom, and he is age-wise.  As far as height goes, however, Banner already towers over some of his classmates - even the ones closer to three.  He is simply tall.  I don't know why this surprises me since I was 5'5 in the 5th grade (I leveled off at 5'10), and Trevor is well over 6 feet.  I guess since my sister is 5 feet tall, I thought anything was possible. 

Which reminds me that I found Trevor's baby book the other day, and I want to make some sort of chart comparing Trevor and his own personal mini me in the first two years of their lives.  Knowing me this will happen after I remember to blog about all the other things I already forgot to write about.  (Sigh)

In other news, Banner contracted some sort of nasty, nasty cold last week (from the pediatrician's waiting room, no doubt).  He never seemed to feel bad, though.  Just hoarse and snotty.  But the cold coupled with the transition to his new classroom made for an extra-special loooooong, exhausting week.  I know I'm not the first mother to claim that she wakes up with ever sniffle and cough her kiddo makes in the other room, but I swear I do - especially when I know going into it that Banner isn't 100%.  And I would be lying if I said I didn't resent Trevor a little bit for snoring so peacefully beside me at 3 AM while Banner has (yet) another coughing fit down the hall. 

I guess, part of me is thankful that I'm sensitive to the needs of my baby (even while unconscious), and the other part is like "Woo-Hoo!  Weekend!" on Thursday afternoon because I'm so incredibly exhausted that I assumed (in error, of course) it must be Friday.  And there is nothing quite as disappointing as realizing it isn't Friday than when you really, really, REALLY need it to be Friday. 

The good news is that he is feeling much better this week, which is awesome since snot ranks way up there on the list of things that people always said wouldn't bother me when I had my own kids, along with poop and vomit.  However, I'm here to assure you I'm still very bothered by all three.  Not really sure what that says about my maternal instinct, but it is what it is.  Good thing I think the kid is so cute.

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