Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who came up with this anyway?

This morning I had to go to my annual AP training workshop for the museum. This is something I do every year, and rarely look forward to – mainly because I always manage to choose the one workshop with at least three or four individuals who’ve never turned on a computer before, much less entered TEKS into an online database.


Anyway, the workshop is generally held in a museum computer lab near my office, but none of those workshops fit in with my schedule this year. So, I had to go to the main AP office. We were each assigned a laptop with a sticker on the top with the computer’s “name” on it. All the computers were named after various countries. Mine was “Iran”.

I should have known from the get-go that this would set the mood for my entire workshop experience.

Needless to say, Iran was in a pissy mood this morning. No one – not even the onsite computer experts – could figure out what was wrong with it. Of course, there were no extra computers for me to use instead. So, I spent two hours negotiating with the machine until the workshop finally ended and I got to leave.

Next year, I’m requesting “Estonia”.

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