Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tweet, tweet, tweet…

I was just reading through an email from my mother, and discovered that the woman is on Twitter.

What?! Really?! I’m not even on Twitter.

Here is Grammy Pammy’s explanation in a forwarded email conversation between her and my cousin, Rusty:
“And, BTW, thanks for wanting to follow me on Twitter...I am still trying to figure that one out, though. I joined (on a lark) to follow the local weatherman -- don't hear from him, but I am hearing from other people...!! Kinda weird...don't know why anyone would want to follow me, --oh, well...”

Love. It.


The Runt said...

Grammy Pammy is so high-tech! I miss having her close by :(

Rusty Jackson said...

You need to catch up with the "older" generation. I have been her follower for quite a while. So far so good.

Grammy Pammy said...

...I'm getting so-o-o high tech!