Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On irrigation systems, face plants and moles…

Hi. I'm a mole. What's up?

They started putting in our new sprinkler system yesterday, which means my yard is currently a series of trenches and dirt mounds. A fact that has not been lost on my neighbors. Last night alone, on three completely separate occasions, people walking past my house commented that it looked like I had one hell of a mole problem.

Oh, ha, ha.

The dogs are having a hard time adjusting – especially (surprise, surprise) Haskell. He has a difficult remembering that a trench exists on the far side of any dirt mound. The result? Several doggie face plants that easily could have ended with broken or sprained front legs, but (thank goodness) have only concluded with a snout full of mud, several hearty sneezes, and a (very) bruised ego.

Stupid dog.

Haskell has now started to over-jump all dirt mounds to avoid such embarrassing face plants in front of his sisters. It is like watching a four-legged long jump at a track and field meet at every “potty break”. I can only hope, for Haskell’s sake, that the work finishes soon.

This is not a picture of my backyard, just Haskell jumping.
Don't worry - we generally mow our grass before it gets THIS long!

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