Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to really improve your feng shui (or not)...

Thanks to the museum renovations, my phone and computer are now located in different offices. I find this to be very special. I kind of need both my phone and computer together to work properly and get my job done, so this is an interesting development. Never a dull moment around here, let me tell you!

My regular office – with my phone – is about to have its ceiling removed for extensive duct work. Apparently, this could take a month or longer.

So I can still work at the office and print in the meantime (I don’t have a printer at home), my computer has been moved into the accountant’s office. The accountant is part time, but it is still HER office. And I’ve been allocated just enough space to work without bothering her or anyone else. My desk has been shoved into a tiny corner, and I have barely enough room between my desk and the wall for a chair.

At least I still have the phone in my old office. Until the ceiling removal begins, I can still take occasional excursions to visit my phone, my plants and enjoy the solitude.

Sigh…I miss my hole! Dusty and loud as it may be.

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