Saturday, July 04, 2009


We took Haskell to the Park Cities Forth of July parade this morning. He got so many dog biscuits thrown at him from the participating floats that he started picking them up and bringing them to me for “safe keeping”. Never thought Haskell would opt not to eat something – especially cookies!

We left Alley at home to take care of Gypsy, who is back in the lampshade. On Thursday evening, I discovered blood in her stool. A trip to the vet Friday morning revealed that she has something called “Colitis”. No one knows what caused it. It might have been something she ate or got in to. Or it could have been brought on by stress – possibly over the sprinkler installation that has been going on in the yard all week.

Additionally, both of her back paws are infected. This is due to her allergies. I knew she had been chewing on the more than normal, but I had been giving her regular doses of Benadryl in an effort to keep it under control. Apparently this time, though, the Benadryl wasn’t enough. So in addition to the medicine and special food she is taking to fix the Colitis, Gypsy is also on a pretty heft dose of Temaril-p – a prescription allergy medication with a steroid. The vet also shaved in between the pads on her back paws, and gave me a prescription ointment to apply twice a day (hence the reason for her sporting the Elizabethan collar).

Poor baby.

This afternoon we are heading to Cedar Hill for the evening. My mother just moved there and has a house overlooking Lake Joe Pool. We’ve started referring to it as “The Resort” because her property includes such amities as a salt water pool, tennis and basketball courts, and a helicopter pad. Because everyone needs a helipad, right?!

Anyway, my mom has headed to Durango for the holiday, so we’ve got the place to ourselves. Things have been so crazy lately that I’m looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation. So are our pups. And thanks to all the planned fireworks displays around the lake, we should have a pretty good view of those as well.

Happy Independence Day!

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RR said...

Poor Gypsy! She must be so sad about her condition.