Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is there such a thing as a mature man?

Trevor's favorite thing about his new Mac?...

That he can type choice phrases into TextEdit and then have the computer "speak" them back to him. His favs so far?

  • Bend ova for big daddy

  • You mudda fu©ka (which Trevor thinks is said by his computer with an Italian accent)

  • Smack dat a$$, beeotch

Apparently, I was misled and only thought I was marrying a man in his mid thirties. Instead, I got Trevor. Mental age: thirteen.


Denise said...

Something tells me all men are like this - I know Jim is! :D

Singular Girl said...

You know you can have your computer verbally tell you the time in a number of different accents. I tried it but it scared the shit out of me every half hour. I guess I've lived alone too long.