Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sometimes MAXINE just says it best...

The following pretty much sums up my thoughts on my job:

Since 12/21/2009...

  • We've had certain holidays (i.e. New Years Eve) stripped from our calendar without notice.

  • Been told that we are hiring interns and paying them more per hour than 75% of the staff.

  • Had our Flex Time taken away.

  • Learned that our Comp Time might be next.

  • Discovered that our life insurance policy was cancelled or discontinued without our knowledge at some point in the last two years.

  • Because we are A) not compensated for the general increase in the cost of living from year to year; and B) because our paychecks are now subject to new taxes in 2010 that we weren't in 2009; I am now making approximately $10 less per paycheck than I was last year.

  • All "staff appreciation" perks have been discontinued. There weren't a lot, but now there are none. Fun.

I know I am supposed to be grateful that I have a job - especially in the current economy. But I am still having a hard time accepting all of this. I work for a nonprofit, so I am used to working for nothing. It was always worth my while because of the flexible, creative atmosphere. Now, I’m not so sure.

I am definitely feeling disgruntled.

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Princess Ariel said...

Sorry hun. I'd offer to hire you as a nanny if I could provide any of the monetary benefits - the rest are no problem.