Monday, January 04, 2010

On cars, accidents and the number three...

What is it with December and the number three?

  • I was backed into on December 7th. Although there was no visible damage to my car, five days later I went in for new tires and ended up having to spend $1400 on the brakes, belts and other near auto malfunctions. Even though I cannot directly tie the damage to the old man who hit me, I have still decided that it is his fault. Somehow.

  • Melissa was in an accident on December 18th. Even though the accident was only 15% her fault (by insurance company standards), she will most likely be out of a lot of cash fixing the damage (not to mention the three or four weeks she will spend without her car in the process).

  • My aunt Mimi totaled her car on Christmas Day. It was a classic 1981 Mercedes. The end of an era.

As far as I can tell, each accident was progressively worse than the last. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Still, though, I am glad December is over. Next year I might spend the entire month living in a cave.

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