Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 8th: The last Wyoming post. Promise.

It was hard to leave this view.

Especially, when leaving said view involved an alarm set for 4:30 AM.
(But at least the sunrise over the Tetons was ah-mazing.)

Trevor and I pack light.
Banner, on the other hand, most certainly does not.
It must be one of those skills that comes with age.

I wish we got to board planes like this more often.

Last breath of cool, mountain air.

Buh-bye, Wyoming!  Buh-bye!
(The flight back to DFW was MUCH better than the flight up.)

Helllllllo, Dallas!

Traveling home from vacay isn't necessarily the best way to ring in your 33rd year,
but at least I had wine, AC and Shark Week!  Trevor even let me pick the movie!

(The last time THAT happened was Mother's Day 2012.)

And, with that, I conclude our vacation posts from 2013! 
Our regularly scheduled programming should resume shortly.

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