Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 is giving me triskaidekaphobia...

So, how's everyone doing?  It has been awhile.

I have so much to write about, which (of course) means that I'm having a hard time getting started.  Well, that and the fact that I feel like I've spent the last several weeks in a wood chipper.  You know those times in life when everything seems like it is going wrong and crashing in around you?  That's kind of been my experience lately. 

Case in point:  Yesterday was the third day in a row of no AC at the museum.  It was approaching 90 degrees.  In my office.  Granted, I had nothing going on programming-wise, which was a blessing.  Not the case on Tuesday when I had a lecture with 175 participants. 

But back to yesterday:

  • A piece of the interior of my car broke off.  The plastic just cracked and a rather significant chunk of what used to be my eye glass storage compartment just landed in my lap.  I JUST spent nearly $2,000 on my car LAST THURSDAY.  I realize that none of that was specifically on the eye glass compartment, but still.

  • Then I drove to the gym to discover that my brand new, $60 workout pants that I had only worn ONCE had a hole along the seam in the crotch.  And I didn't have an extra pair of shorts like I usually do in my gym bag.  Which meant my workout was cut short before it even began because I had to run home to change.

  • Upon arriving back at the house to get new shorts, I found the dog run gate unlocked and ajar.  The dogs were all still in the backyard (thank goodness!), but Alley had skinned her newly healed nose chasing lizards, Gypsy had gorged her overly sensitive stomach on rotting figs and Haskell had dug several large, deep holes in my flower beds.  Oh, and just for good measure, Haskell was also limping dramatically.  Because, fabulous.

And that all happened in a span of thirty minutes.

Granted, we have AC at the museum again today, I can super glue my car and I'm pretty sure GAP will stand behind their defective product.  I'm even fairly confident that Haskell's shoulder will improve with some R&R (even though I'm starting to suspect arthritis since it is the same shoulder that was surgically corrected six or seven-odd years ago when I found him hit by the car).  But these are examples of the proverbial straws that have had me in tears almost every day of the last three weeks.  Because when you have upheaval and unnecessary drama in your life, sometimes even the little things start to feel insurmountable.  Kind of like drowning.  And it isn't always easy to find perspective when you are metaphorically gasping for air.

Also, is it just me or has 2013 had way, way, way more downs than ups?  I keep trying to do things to improve my karma, but so far it isn't working.  Maybe there is really something to that whole "unlucky 13" bit?  If so, bring on fall and 2014!

In lighter news, my little family of three had a (mostly) wonderful time in Jackson, Wyoming.  I say "mostly" because the trip happened to coincide with Banner getting all four of his canine teeth and a very nasty ear infection.  But the first four of five days were dang near perfect.  If anyone is interested, I've finally gone through my 800+ photos documenting the trip and will probably get around to (back) posting entries in the very near future.

In the meantime, I'd recommend avoiding me in case whatever bad luck streak I have is contagious.  Possibly for the rest of the year.

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