Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Teton Village...

After spending July 29th exploring Jackson, getting groceries, etc., we decided to head to Teton Village to check out the ski area on Tuesday.  Technically, the cabin where we stayed was almost directly across the valley from the ski resort, but we didn't learn about the short cut for another five days.
There are two routes (not including the aforementioned short cut) to Teton Village.  One through Jackson and the other through Moose.  The one through Moose looked shorter (and it was mile wise), but took about twice as long for reasons I'm still not 100% sure about.  Still, it was a gorgeous drive, so no complaints.  Plus, the trip included a brief detour into the Teton National Park.  It just doesn't get much better (or beautiful) than this:

Of course, after the drive, I needed to pee.  Which is how I saw this bat (literally) hanging out next to the entrance to the ladies room:

Despite being a popular ski resort, Teton Village hosts all sorts of summer time activities, and even has a day care and camp for kids of all ages.  Had Banner not taken ill at the end of the first week, Trevor and I were considering enrolling him for a day while we took a hike.

FYI:  Banner will "hike" if you let him do it himself.  Which means he will walk/run in any direction he desires (not necessary on the intended path or in the intended direction) until he either gets tired, stops or attempts to throw himself off a cliff.  Banner will NOT hike if you shove him in a baby backpack.  Or rather, he will go along for the ride, but will make sure EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in a 15 mile radius knows he is decidedly NOT happy about the situation. 
In related news, the baby backpack we purchased less than a year ago in Durango that was supposed to last until Banner was two or three?  Yeah, he is already at the height and weight maximum.  Awesome.

Because of our little 30 pound hiking "situation", we opted to ride the tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.  At least that way we could stand on top and see the view.  Banner LOVED the tram ride and insisted on holding onto the handholds for the entire trip to the top.

You can never be too safe.
It was expensive (about $32 for adults; children under 5 are free), but the view from the top was totally worth it.

Plus, we took the opportunity to take a short hike along the TOP OF THE WORLD trail that follows the ridgeline.  It was perfect for Banner because the path was wide and not very steep.  Of course, that didn't keep him from running out-of-control fast downhill and launching himself off a rock.  If Trevor hadn't been there, little B would have bit it.  HARD.  But maybe that was what he was going for.  That kid is fearless.

Banner also insisted on walking all the way back uphill, which surprised Trevor and I both.  Maybe we will make a hiker out of him yet?
There was another family walking on the trail with us, and they had a little five year old boy, named Josh, with Cerebral Palsy.  He used a walker, but also insisted on hiking down and back on his own two feet with absolutely no help.  When we all reached the top, we cheered for Josh and Josh cheered for Banner.  Such a sweet boy.

My mom and dad actually skied Jackson Hole back in the 70s, and my dad had told us stories that it was some of the coldest and hardest skiing that he had ever done in his life (which is really saying something since he's skied all over the world). 
My mom actually thinks she got a little frost bite from the trip.  She doesn't remember much at all except having to stop after every run to drink hot chocolate in order to feel her extremities.  Sounds miserable.
Apparently, one of the most famous - and difficult - runs on the mountain (and in the world) is Corbet's Couloir.  It is maybe ten feet wide with rock faces on three sides.  Here is a picture I took from the top looking down:

And here is the view of the same run from the tram on the way down:

People who ski down that are complete a$$hats, but - then again - I've never been known for my bravery on the slopes. 
My only regret was that I didn't climb to the top of ridge on the far side of Corbet's Couloir.  It would have been nice to have a picture of the tram coming or going, and to get another perspective of the ski run from above.  Trevor and I actually intended to go back and do just that, but...well, life happened.
In hindsight, I should have just done it that day.  Even if I was wearing Birks.  But Banner was hungry, and it seemed prudent to get back down the mountain before he melted down from lack of food or exhaustion.  Oh, well.  Maybe we will get to go back someday.

Yay, for FOOD!

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