Friday, August 30, 2013

Concert on the Commons...

The thing about ear infections in toddlers, is that they hurt more when the little tykes lie down.  I don't pretend to understand anything vaguely medical, but I think it has something to do with the Eustachian tubes being unable to drain while the baby is horizontal.   This makes things like napping and sleeping through the night very difficult because, ouch!
In an effort to help Banner get some rest, we loaded him in the car seat on Sunday afternoon (August 4th), and decided to check out the short cut between Teton Village and the cabin.  The thought process behind the sudden need for a road trip with a sick toddler was simple:  the car seat keeps Banner quasi-vertical.  In theory, that should allow his ears to drain with less pain while - at the same time - letting him get some much needed shut eye.  Of course, all this hinges on the baby actually falling asleep (and, yes, we were getting a little desperate at this point).  But, fortunately, it worked like a charm.  Banner was out like a light in the backseat.

The short cut through the valley really didn't cut down much on the mileage (I think the easiest way to Teton Village from the airport is simply by driving through Jackson), but it was a beautiful, quiet ride all the same.

Honestly, there was nothing we planned to see or do once we arrived in Teton Village.  It was just a destination with sushi potential for an edamame and ginger-loving toddler on a pain-induced hunger strike.  So imagine our surprise when we arrived, and discovered full parking lots and large crowds.  Turns out, they offer free concerts on the lawn every Sunday evening during the summer.  People bring coolers of food and drinks, and picnic while listening to live music.  Talk about showing up in the right place at the right time!  It was fabulous!
The headliners that evening were Ben Taylor and Holy Ghost Tent Revival.  Of course, we were woefully unprepared food-wise (with a sick kiddo to boot), so we only made it about halfway through the first artist (who, turns out, is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon) before leaving to find something to eat for Banner.  But what we did hear of the concert was awesome.  There is just something wonderful about listening to live music in the mountains. 

Banner was absolutely captivated by the entire experience.  He hardly cried once (which, considering how much he hurt, was really saying something).  He loved the music, and even danced a little.  He also NEVER missed an opportunity to clap after each song.  I have a feeling this will not be his last concert.

Unfortunately, EVERY restaurant in Teton Village closes during the Sunday night concerts; including the sushi bar we were so excited about.  So we drove back to the cabin hungry, but thrilled about stumbling on to something so fabulous purely by happenstance. 

If only we could have stayed for a second Sunday!

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