Wednesday, August 28, 2013


On the lighter side, Banner's ear infection DID shed light on one of the greatest mysteries of the summer.  Namely, what Trevor's mother meant when she texted LOL. 

It had all started when Trevor's mom nearly got in a head on collision with a car going the wrong way late one evening the month before:

Wait.  What?  Head on collision?  LOL?

And then there was stuff like this:

But the final straw was when his mother LOL'ed Banner's ear infection while we were in Wyoming:

Because, obviously.  

But at least she wasn't laughing AT us.  

Plus, the whole thing definitely gave Trevor and I a much needed giggle in the mist of a very trying situation far, far from home.

And, well, LOL now means multiple things in our family, which is oddly fabulous.

My mother-in-law is awesome.  Just sayin'.



This is my life so far said...

My Mom thought that as well! I had to tell her it DID NOT mean Lots of Love as well.

bark collar said...