Monday, October 21, 2013

New Shoes...

  • The bad news:  We've lost or broken several pairs of shoes lately.
  • The worse news:  They all still fit.
  • The silver lining:  All lost or broken shoes were sandals and were rapidly becoming seasonably inappropriate.
But then I started thinking that maybe Banner's foot had grown.  After all, it has been MONTHS since his last pair of new shoes, and it isn't like the kid has stopped growing.  Plus, he had been refusing to wear his shoes lately, and one of his big toenails had kind of gotten wonky.  I figured his sneakers were too snug and it was time for a new pair.
And, well, I was right, but not dramatically so.
He had been a size seven.  Now he is a seven and a half...WIDE.
Out of all the things he (may) have inherited from me, why was wide feet one of them?  Hopefully, he will outgrow this and have perfectly average width feet, because having wide feet really cuts down on the available (cute) selection. 
Anyhoo, Banner LOVES shoes so the kid wasn't shy about picking out pairs that he would like to try on.  Namely:
The more pink and bedazzled, the better.  Because toddlers are like raccoons.
They are drawn to all things that glitter and shine.

In the end, we settled on these:

Boring, but perfunctory.  Because, again, WIDE is not synonymous with CUTE.
And because I'm sure Trevor wouldn't be down with the pink flowers and sparkles.

Luckily, Banner is THRILLED with his new kicks and is excited to put them on in the mornings.  Which is especially awesome since they are currently his ONLY pair of appropriately sized shoes in his closet.  Guess a Target shoe run is in our (very near) future.  What are the chances I'll be able to find anything (relatively) cheap, cute and practical in a 7.5 WIDE?

Sigh.  #firstworldtoddlerproblems

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