Saturday, March 03, 2012

The boys are in Vegas... the ladies went out for mani/pedis.

(and promptly passed out in the massage chairs)

Oh, and Banner went, too. Although, I'm pretty sure he could have cared less about getting his nails done.

He was still pretty fascinated by the outing. And, well, the way the light streamed through the windows and hit the mirrors. Entertainment is easy to come by when everything in the world is new and awesome.

Next time, Banner wants to go to Vegas instead of the nail salon. This is evident by the fact that my eight week old baby somehow managed to plant his hat in Trevor's jacket:

B-Man's hat in the Las Vegas airport

So far, the cap seems to be a bit of a good luck charm. As of this afternoon, Trevor claims to be $250 thanks to beginners luck at the Craps table.

And, despite the fact that I am still in Dallas, I'm up $18 thanks to a bet I placed via Trevor on today's Syracuse game against Louisville. Dome perfection, baby!

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