Sunday, March 11, 2012

On logic and the lack thereof...

The bridesmaid dress I am wearing in my sister's wedding next month arrived at the Alfred Angelo in Frisco, Texas some time a week or two ago.

Now, Frisco isn't far from Dallas, but it isn't all that close, either. Especially in traffic. Or if you have a newborn. Or if you loathe driving outside of I-635 and think north of the George Bush Tollway is essentially Oklahoma.

(Which I do.)

But I had a bridesmaid dress to pick up, so I was mentally committed to making the trek north.

Except I didn't. Something always came up and I kept putting it off until tomorrow. And then the next day. And, well, you get the picture.

So, Alfred Angelo called me after a week and more or less asked what the deal was. My response? "Well, I have this newborn..."

Alfred Angelo (AA): "Oh! Congratulations! We can ship your dress to you free of charge if you'd like."

Me: "That's very nice, but I should be able to make it out there this weekend."

AA: "Seriously. It is no issue. We don't mind."

Me: "No, it is fine. Thank you, though."

AA: "Well, okay. But if you change your mind, just give us a call and we will get it in the mail."

Me: "Will do. Thanks."

Because, you know, I go out of my way to make things more difficult for myself.

When I told my sister this story, I was mocked. A lot. And rightly so. Because who volunteers to drive 30 miles out of their way with a baby in tow if they don't have to? Oh, wait. That would be ME.

And, yet, it took me DAYS to call back and ask them to oh-ha-ha, please ship the dress to me. Because I was still mentally committed to driving to Frisco FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON other than at one point or another I had told myself that I should.

Obviously motherhood has done nothing for my powers of reasoning. Poor Banner. He is doomed.

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