Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In other news...

Banner is now the proud owner of an Elmo potty seat.  I have a feeling we are still a ways off from actively potty training, however.  Mainly because he says "poo-poo potty" as he is pooping his pants.  But hey, knowing is half the battle.  Right, G.I. Joe?  In fact, the best we gotten in the training department was when he tooted while sitting up there.  And I'll totally take it because the little man isn't even two yet. 

Also, he LOVES wiping himself.  And by "wiping" I mean "rubbing the middle of his back with the tissue"  The downside to this is that he will happily "wipe" all the T.P. away and throw it in bowl.  The upside?  At least there is something to wave "buh bye" to when he flushes.

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