Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving Part III: El Rancho...

We went to the ranch the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate with my dad, brother and a few friends of William and Claire. 

In an effort to make the three hour drive as pleasant as possible for everyone involved, we intentionally scheduled it around the time Banner usually naps.

We started out strong...

...but things quickly deteriorated. 

But the "best"?  Yeah, the little dude finally nodding off as we hit the Lampasas city limits (i.e. our destination).  Needless to say, it was a looooooooooong car ride.  At one point I watched Banner take an entire Ziploc baggie full of cheerios and dump it - like rain - on his head in protest.  Then, when that failed to get him liberated from his car seat, he started throwing pieces of food at Trevor's head.  He has surprisingly good aim for a toddler.

Doggie photo bomb.

Of course, all was forgiven once we finally arrived and he got to be one of "the guys".  Uncle Yum (a.k.a. William) took Banner for a ride in our grandfather's old pickup, and we hiked to the top of the peak before settling in for our THIRD Thanksgiving feast in 48 hours.  It was fabulous.

Waving "buh bye" to mommy.

Hike to the peak.

The climb up with Claire and Amy.

Scaling the ladder to the observation deck.

My boys.

Trevor and Claire at the tippy top.

Haskell chillaxing post peak.
(Don't worry.  It was empty.)

Friday night was a long one.  Trevor forgot Banner's sleep sacks (he almost forgot the pack n play as well, which would have been a real disaster), so we had to improvise since the backwards sleep sack is the ONLY thing that keeps our toddler from waking everyone up at 3 AM, naked and covered in pee.  So, we put his footed PJs on backwards, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. 

It didn't work.  Mainly because Banner won't stay UNDER a blanket (despite our best efforts) and got cold.  

Ban was up MULTIPLE times all night, and eventually ended up in bed with us.  He did fall back asleep briefly, but woke up around 5:30 WIRED.  We gave up around dawn, and started our day.  By the time everyone else woke up, Trevor and I had already consumed TWO POTS of coffee on our own.  No kidding.  This was further complicated by Banner's all too brief nap on the way back to the ranch after lunching at Eve's.  By dinner, Trevor and I were barely functioning zombies.  I can't remember the last time bed looked THAT good.

Other than that, though, Saturday was spent going on rides on the "cracker" (tractor), going on hikes around the house pasture, snacking on leftovers and watching college football.

Banner was in heaven.

Trying on Uncle Yum's boots.

Sweeping the walkway between the two houses.

 Worried when Uncle Yum fired up the tractor without him.

 Passed out in the car on the way home from Eve's.

Riding solo.

Watching the Missouri/Aggie game with Claire.

Saturday night was blissfully restful (thank goodness), and the little guy even slept in until 7 AM.  Sunday morning was spent cleaning up the ranch house, trying to wear Banner and his Awesome Pawsome out for the drive back to Dallas, petting the horses and taking one (or two) last tractor rides.

Just a little bit older and grayer than THIS PIC in 2006.

Alley is not amused.
(Really she is just falling asleep sitting up.)

Love him in the noise cancelling headphones! 
They were almost as big as his head!

We had high hopes that Banner would sleep the entire ride back to Dallas (especially after he passed out moments after merging onto the highway), but - alas - he woke up in Hamilton...less than forty five minutes into the drive.  He spent most of the remaining 2+ hours actively trying to liberate himself from his car seat.  Lord help us if he ever figures that out!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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