Saturday, December 14, 2013

Room 7 Holiday Party...

Banner's class had a Christmas party yesterday.  They decorated cookies, wore reindeer antlers and had a puzzle exchange.  It was pretty fabulous.  Especially since Auntie Mimi and Uncle Baaaa were able to join in all the chaos fun.

The party was also bittersweet.  Banner has been "served", and will be transitioning to The Twos starting January 6th.  Most of his slightly older little friends have moved to room 15, but Banner will be going to room 12.  I'm trying to focus on the fact that this will be a fabulous way for our little guy to make new friends instead of mourning that he won't be rejoining his buddies that have already "graduated" from the Toddler Room.  

(I'm also secretly hoping that Emma and Abby, who Banner has known since the nursery, will join him in room 12 later on this spring.  Especially Emma.  I think she's Banner's BFF.  Not that Banner knows what that is exactly, but he tells me almost every day that, "Emma pretty.  Emma very pretty."  He is really going to miss her.)

I know it is just because he was born right after the new year, but it makes me sad that these transitions always happen around the holidays.  And, yes…I realize this is only the second time this has happened because he isn't even two yet (I'm holding on to one for as long as possible).  But still.  

At least this year I think he is ready for the transition.  Mainly because he has taken to walking over to his classmates at the end of the day, waving his hand mere inches from their little faces and saying, "bye, bye baby". 

Dear Banner,

You were a baby like five minutes ago.  Just FYI.


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