Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas WEEKEND with Grammy Pammy...

Since we didn't get to see my mom on Christmas, we celebrated over the weekend.  

On Saturday morning, she came to Dallas for a coffee date with an old friend of ours, and then we had a grandmother sushi date (Gran was there, too) at lunchtime.

Afterwards, GP watched Banner during his nap while Trevor and I ran around White Rock.  When we returned, Banner was awake, and we had a present exchange on the floor of the dining room.  My mom gave me a snugly robe, but Banner won't let me wear it because apparently it is his.

Seriously.  He sees it hanging in my room, points to it and yells, "Mine!".

Have I mentioned he is a little bit irrational?

Banner also enjoys the occasional Perrier, because when you are (almost) two, regular ole water just won't cut it.


Here he is toasting Grammy Pammy (a.k.a. "Jeep"), know...why not?

Then, on Sunday, we traveled to Cedar Hill for brunch so Banner could see GP's trains.  Unfortunately, try as he might, Banner couldn't contain his inner Godzilla, and most of the cars ended up on the floor.  My mom seemed surprised by this.  Either my brother was a saint at this age (HA!) or my mother has selective amnesia, because toddlers can only contain their excitement and overwhelming need to touch EVERYTHING for about 20 seconds.

He is saying, "Buh bye, Choo-Choo!" here.

But it was okay because afterwards Banner discovered Zeus and the two bonded over goldfish...  

...before giving daddy a scratch on the back with this handy back-scratcher thing.  

But the main event (after brunch) involved feeding the bunnies and chickens, and collecting eggs.  Banner was SUPER careful with the chicken feed, and gently put the seed on the ground.  Sadly, this sense of "gentle" did not translate to the egg collection.  Those suckers he just tossed in the basket like rocks.


Luckily, only one egg cracked.  It was basically a Christmas miracle.

All in all, it was a good weekend (aside from the cracked egg and the toy train incident).  Judging by how many times Banner has asked to go back to "Zeus' a$$" (Zeus' house), I'd say it was a success!

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