Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pictures with Santa...

Before I type too much, let's pause and revisit Banner's first encounter with Santa last December.

(OMG, he was so little!  And BALD!  Seriously, how is it his SECOND Christmas already?!)

But I digress.  Fast forward to yesterday...

Banner was definitely not impressed with Santa this year.  I'm sure most parents would blame it on Banner's age, but I honestly think it was because Santa expressed too much interest in Banner's cookie.  

Please note the cookie clinched in Banner's hand in all of the shots.

It all started when Santa innocently asked what kind of cookie he had when we first walked in, and Banner immediately shielded said cookie from Santa's sight and proclaimed, "My cookie".  And it didn't stop there.  Banner had to KEEP reminding Mr. Claus of his cookie ownership for the entire visit.

Some kids want a fire truck at this age.  My kid just wants Santa to stay the hell away from his cookie.

(Shakes head.)

On the bright side, Banner didn't cry.  Although I'm not sure it would be a good idea to leave cookies out for Santa this year.  That might just reinforce my toddler's apparent suspicion that Santa Claus is some sort of brightly dressed cookie thief.  

After pictures with Santa, we met up with Grammy Pammy (who Banner now calls "Jeep" because he overheard Trevor and I referring to her as "GP"), and we got some cute pictures with her in front of the Christmas tree:

Banner saves his biggest smiles for his grandparents!
(Probably because they give him cookies.  Unlike Santa.)

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