Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why my kid loves to get his hair cut...

Technically, Banner has had his hair cut THREE times since his first trim back in September, and has never shed a tear.  I give all the credit to Trevor and his barber, Adam.  They've got a system down where Banner accompanies his dad to the barbershop every six weeks so (Trevor needs frequent grooming.  We won't discuss that I haven't had my hair cut since 2012), watches him get a trim and then the little man VOLUNTEERS to go next.  Climbs right up into the chair as if to say, "My turn" and everything.  Even though there isn't much going on hair wise on top of Banner's head, Adam and Trevor never fail to seize the opportunity to clean the little dude up a bit.  Because when a 23 month old more or less asks to get his hair cut, you GET his hair cut.

An added bonus?  Banner gets to help "sweep" daddy's trimmings and gets a post haircut donut hole as a reward.  If the little guy could describe his favorite things, I'm pretty sure brooms and donut holes would be right up there with Elmo, cars, Finding Nemo and the song If You Are Happy And You Know It on endless repeat.
(he may have dressed himself this particular morning)

But you can't argue with success!

Such a BIG boy!

Plus, father-son hair cut day usually means I get to go back to bed for an extra hour.  And if I'm REALLY lucky, Trevor and Banner bring me White Rock coffee on his way home.  It is pretty much the best day ever for all three of us.  

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RETA said...

SO CUTE! Oh my goodness.